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MARAYOOR IS ABOUT 45 KMS FROM MUNNAR HILLSTATION IN KERALA. Marayoor and the nearby Kanthalloor are famous for a special variety of solid molasses produced here.Marayoor falls in the rain shadow region and the quality of the molasses is attributed to the specialty in temperature and the ph value of the earth. Marayoor Sarkkara can be used for templepurposes and for children..... Marayoor sarakara is an organic product mainly used for temple pooja purposes and for ayurvedic medicines.Marayoor Sarkara ,sugar from sugar cane juice is very famous.

The 'Marayoor sarkara' is of high quality with 97 percent sugar content.Marayoor Jaggery is the sweetest one in India.In a laboratory analysis at Kakkanad Analytical laboratory, was found that the jaggery is one of the best having 97% sugar in it.Obeying the order of High Court , Travancore Devaswom Board uses this gaggery in some of the famous temples.Obeying the order of High Court , Travancore Devaswom Board uses this gaggery in some of the famous temples.Though earlier sugarcane was cultivated in around 2,500 acres, today it has shrunk to around 1,500 acres.

Molasses production is a cottage industry here.If you are lucky enough to reach Marayoor in the sugarcaneharvest season, you can watch how the sarkara balls are made.Sarkara is made in the frm itself in a traditional manner. First the sugar cane juice is boiled in a special type of huge vesseland then condenses to jaggery balls. If you want to take home some sweet balls, there are several local outlets here. In Marayoour and Kanthalloor you can see the beautiful sugar cane farms.Tourists can purchase this product at a premium price from the farm itself You can make various types of delicious dishes using this jaggery

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